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Parents who enroll authorize their child to participate in all activities to
be carried out held during the After School Almamusic/Amazing4kids.
Certifies that your child can perform physical and sports activities.
Authorizes the director or his representatives in case of accident and/or

emergency to take the measures necessary for the health of the participant.
Parents recognize that there is a risk of injury in the practice of sports
and release of liability Almamusic/ amazing4kids, directors, sponsors,

employees and trainers in case of injury typical of the practice, as well as
illness or disability that affects your child due to carry out activities not
related or authorized in the sport class. You understand that any payment to
Almamusic/Amazing4kids will not have any refund. Authorizes
Almamusic/Amazing4kids to take photos and/or video of the
activities for the publication of the same in promotional presentation.
Certify that you have received and carefully read the regulations of
/Amazing4kids., promise that your child and you will comply with it thoroughness.

Call us 787-667-1835
Payment Zelle,PayPal or Venmo :
Ath movil path / almamusic

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