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spanish  beginner, intermediate, advanced

Beginner A


Introduce them self 

Spanish alphabet

Numbers 1-50

Months of the year

About me

Color part 1

My family

My home

My school

My food

My body

Cultural connections

Review of pronouncement


Beginner B

Colors part 2


Concepts in Spanish: up, down, inside, outside


Alphabet part 2

Numbers part 2

Days, Months of the year part 2

My family part 2

My home part 2

My food part 2

My body part 2

My school 2

Conjugate verbs

Cultural connections part 2

Review of pronouncement

Program Intermediate A

Course Reviews

Alphabet part 3 phonetics

Read 1


Cardinal Numbers

Genders and articles

There is & There are, How much & How many

Expressing How we feel

Asking Questions


Use of ser vs. estar in characteristics and location.

Regular verbs - present tense

20 Verb conjugation part 1


Commands and Polite Requests



Summer Program  

This course is specifically designed for elementary students who typically attend a Spanish/English Immersion School and who are looking to continue learning/practicing the language while schools are temporarily shut down. The class will combine instruction and conversation and FUN!

Each class will be conducted in Spanish and will provide opportunity for practice in reading, listening and speaking! We will read books, do math problems and keep the general sentiment of immersion alive while creating opportunities for speaking and listening each day!


Spelling changes in verb conjugation

Punctuation marks

Use of the B or V

Use of the C or S

Use of the Z

Use of  Y or I



Myself and my Family:


Exchanging Personal Information

Describing family relationships

Using adjectives for personality and appearance

Introducing and describing yourself and others.

The House:

Rooms in a house and furniture

Home services: luz, agua, cable, teléfono, gas, jardín, plomería

Kitchen equipment.





Daily schedule (verb conjugation)

Weekly Schedule

Calendar / Frecuency questions


Free Time:


Weather and seasons

Holidays - Spanish-speaking culture

Clothing, prices, and colors

Movies, game.


In the City: 

Locations of places around the city

Mapping and describing your city

Ordering Food.


Let Our Student Counselors Help You

You apply

Book a lesson consultation, trail class or registration

Loreinns's Online Lesson Pricing:

Call us 787-6671835 / 919-748-7816


4 weeks of classes. Group 2 students.

45 minutes Zoom meeting, material in google classroom.

You will sound like a native speaker South American.

2 classes a week for 4 weeks Special  price $100 month.

1 class a week for 4 weeks Special  price $70 month.

Registration $30.

Group Classification:

Kids  Start 7-10 year

Young Light 11-13 year

Young  14-16 year

Adult 17+




Kids and Young       Monday  to  Friday  10 A.M - 6 P.M

Adult                        Friday 5 P.M- 8 P.M



Kids and Young     Monday to Friday   9 A.M - 7 P.M

Adult                      Friday 5 P.M- 8 P.M


Payment Methods


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