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Younger kids

Younger kids around 10 and under need a little more encouragement, structure and patience than older kids.

Dexterity on a guitar takes time.  Sight reading is also a must to help give them structure.  We try not to force, but only encourage practicing at this age by keeping their interests in mind and most of all, making it fun for them!



Teens tend to have very defined tastes in musical styles as well as interests in specific bands.  

 I teach them in the styles and songs that inspire them, while helping to guide them along their path.

I remember growing up as a teen musician and how I wanted to be taught.



You know what you want to accomplish and you want results

Most of my adult students have gotten to a certain stage, but find that they have hit a wall in their progress.

You know what your goals are, and I am here to give you the skills and knowledge that you need to accelerate your progress.

‍If you are just beginning, I will help you define your goals and then together we chart a path to realize those goals.
I find that many of my adult students want to learn to improvise more effectively.

As an expert of improvisation in all genres, i will give you the tools that you need to solo like the pros.

Juan's Online Lesson Pricing:

Call us 787-667-1835/919-748-7816

or Registration for trial class.

Regular Class:

45 minutes Zoom meeting, material in google classroom only $15 per class only in November. Group size - 2 students.

1 class for week. 


Schedule all days.




Payment Methods

Payment Methods

You apply

Book a lesson consultation or Registration




Holding the Pick

Proper Fret Hand Posture

Strings names

Strum the guitar

Fingers, frets & strings

Playing Your First Chords

Tuning & Guitar Care

The first songs

Strumming, Picking & Rhythm



Connecting Chords & Scales

Reinforcing Solid Technique

Get the most out of Gear

Reading Sheet Music Solving Common Pain Points

Simplified Music Theory

Reinforcing Timing & Groove

Understand Time Signatures

Better Practice Routines

Bar Chords Shapes

Major and Minor, Bar Chord Shapes

Common Chord Progressions

Essential Strumming Patterns

Play Rhythm Guitar

Developing Timing and Feel

Dynamic Strumming Tips

Next Steps for Rhythm Guitar



Contemporary Chord Voicings

Worship Chord Progressions

Contemporary Worship Guitar

Rock Guitar Licks

Rock Guitar Lessons

Metal Strumming Patterns

Metal Guitar Riff

Metal Guitar Lessons

Jazz 36251 Chord Progression

Jazz 251 Chord Progression

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Basic Finger Picking Exercise #2

Basic Finger Picking Exercise #1

Intermediate Bluegrass Pattern

Basic Bluegrass Strumming

Bluegrass Guitar Les

5 Tips for Great Bar Chords

Building Guitar Finger Dexterity


You apply

Book a lesson consultation, trial class or registration

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